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Name:Jake Sully
Birthdate:Aug 8
This is a roleplaying journal for Jake Sully of Avatar. It is used for entertainment purposes only.

Physical description: The Na'vi are nine feet tall on average. In many respects, the Na'vi body is almost human-like (and, even by human standards, beautiful). The waist is narrow and elongated. The shoulders are very wide, creating a v-shaped upper back. The neck is twice as long as an average human and can rotate, owl-like, almost 180 degrees. The body overall is more slender than the average human and is reminiscent of a Masai or Watusi. But the musculature is sharply defined, giving no sense of emaciation despite the thin proportions (they have roughly four times the strength of the average human). Their almond-shaped, cat-like eyes are large and hypersensitive to various bands of light. For balancing their long torso and legs, the Na'vi have a long, prehensile lemur-like tail. They can traverse the landscape on the surface as well as from tree branch to tree branch. (From Pandorapedia)

The Na'vi have very little hair, only a tuft on their tails as well as scalp hair. Na'vi wear their hair braided in a queue called tswin, which protects the neural tendrils running the length of their hair that allows them to biologically connect with the flora and fauna of Pandora. Though they appear catlike, Na'vi do not have fur. Their smooth skin is varying shades of blue, often with darker stripes, and white bioluminescent spots mark the skin in patterns that appear to trace along the paths of the nervous system. Despite their blue coloring, they have red blood.

More information on Na'vi physiology available on the Avatar Wiki.

Differences between Jake's avatar body and biological Na'vi: Normally Na'vi only have four digits on each hand or foot, but since avatars are genetically-created hybrids with human DNA, Jake has a few humanlike abnormalities, including the typical five fingers per hand, and five toes per foot in the typical human configuration rather than having an opposable toe. He is broader in the shoulders than a typical Na'vi, and retains his human eyebrows, whereas Na'vi have none. His eyes are slightly smaller than a typical Na'vi's, and while a Na'vi nose is quite flat, his is a little more humanlike. While a Na'vi's tswin starts at the top of their skull, the avatar queue begins at the base.

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